In November 2000, the State Board of Professional Medical Ethics for New York State unanimously revoked the medical license of Dr. Stuart Copperman, pediatrician, of Merrick, New York.The Judge’s Order presented graphic descriptions of sexual abuse of children, and called the revocation “the only way to ensure protection for the public.” 

In 2021, when the Child Victims Act became law, 119 women filed lawsuits against Stuart Copperman. Hundreds more were unwilling or unable to sue, for a multitude of reasons including privacy, health, pre-decease, fear. Court Ordered Judgment January 5, 2023 – Copperman is liable.  Damages assessment and award is forthcoming.  If you live in NY or Florida, and see him, please continue to watch out for your children.

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Here’s a photo from a public page, taken at the same time the pedophile pediatrician was “grooming” his pre-pubescent patients, in his basement medical office at his and Renee’s house on Hewlett Drive, in Merrick N.Y.  He is pictured here with his (still) Wife, Renee, and three children (whom many of us were classmates of – making the whole situation just terrifying to us) – Alan, Beth, and Cara.

directly embedded from Alan Copperman’s public facebook profile

Dina Ribaudo

“He was a horrible predator in a white coat, with a stethoscope around his neck, who, if I had a paper cut, would sexually assault me and call it medically necessary. The mere thought of him triggers emotional trauma and fear for the safety of my young daughter. Still, I am proud to join the other survivors in seeking justice and look forward to testifying at a jury trial.”

Francine Iacona

“Looking back, he was always charming to my mother, but he terrified me and he robbed me of my youth. I can never recover what was lost, but I can and will share my story under oath in hopes that what we are doing will result in justice and permanent change to protect the young and the innocent.”  

Debra Zuckerwise:

“My life has been a horror; an endless nightmare because of Copperman,” said Debra Zuckerwise.  “I cry every time I think about it. I was only a little girl and, I’m sad to say, many of our own mothers thought we were telling a story. I finally have some hope that the whole truth will be told in court and he’ll be held to account.”

Lynn Barnett Seigerman:

“I want him to have to experience the shame that he made me feel. I want him to have to face us in court and not be able to manipulate us. Above all, I want justice.”

Dana Marcus:

 “Copperman told me, when I was a pre-teen, that I was ‘dirty down there’, but not to worry because he could ‘clean’ me and wouldn’t tell my mother. At the time, I felt ashamed, and it hurt, but I was also thankful for his ‘keeping it our secret’ because I was so embarrassed. If you feel queasy hearing that, imagine how I felt as an adult realizing I had been ‘groomed’ by a pedophile.”

In 2019, Dr. Nassar (U.S. Olympics Team doctor), was convicted. That opened our old wounds.  As we went online to see if anything had ever been done about Copperman, we learned just how many of us there were. Some of us experienced his “treatments” over and over, for years, until we reached an age when we began to comprehend what was actually happening. By then, the shame and fear of coming forward was even worse. Some left the area for college, or jobs, and in the less ‘connected’ era before social media and internet news. Many didn’t know anything about even the license hearings in 2000, and learned about them in the shock of the Dateline NBC report that showed up on TV a few years later.

NYT Copperman Police Report

Make no mistake, none of the women whose lives were damaged by Copperman holds the grown children for the sins of their father in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90’s or 2000, or believes them aware when they were children of their fathers’ sexual pedophilia in their family home at the time.

However, his children now in their 50’s and 60’s are steadfastly supportive of their pedophile father. We have been contacted by family friends, and even a relative, who are still afraid to be public with what they experienced or knew.  Several of the women who were sexually molested and “gaslighted” by their PEDIATRICIAN when they were children, tried to reach out to J.F. Kennedy Bellmore High School alums through the alumni network, in an effort to provide emotional support and shared healing.  One of Copperman’s children complained to the alumni association and requested that we be blocked from posting.  It took legal maneuvering to get that objection overruled, although the alumni network did not allow comments on our post, presumably in deference to Copperman’s children’s request.

Legal hearings in 1986, and 1999, resulting in court ruling against their father and revocation of his license to practice medicine, did not make a dent in the Copperman children’s staunch public support of their father.

Dr. Alan Copperman publicly shares photos of their families traveling and enjoying high living with their father.

Cara Copperman Stevens earns her living publishing children’s media and published a “Parenting” article commending her parents.

All three have very public roles, leadership or sponsorship positions with a  NYC nonprofit called @awarenyc  Aware NYC which talks a big game about helping young women in NYC and protecting children from…trafficking.   Irony?

Alan Copperman’s IVF firm sponsored a high profile, “society” fundraiser event for them with his wife Kira, who is leadership at Aware NYC. We can suggest several hundred women you could help.

As mature, educated, intelligent adults, with careers, whose photos are in society pages as they  “talk” about IVF, helping children, and raising healthy children in books and blogs that generate income for them…..  we point out the irony is there.  Not unusual as a family dynamic with an abuser.

We implore them  to find their moral compass, and be grateful he didn’t do this to your young children (and we hope he did not).  Walk your talk.

image is directly embedded from Alan Copperman’s public facebook profile – not reproduced or copied, and attributed to Alan Copperman.